Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and how they work on the Immediate Experience website. Cookies use some of your Personal Data, so we recommend carefully reading this Policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are special files that act as digital identifiers for each user of a website. When you first come to Immediate Experience, our server will generate a cookie for you and store it on your device if you have cookies enabled or agree to their use in the pop-up window with information about them.

Why Are Cookies Important?

Cookies are an irreplaceable tool for webmasters because of the amount of feedback they can offer regarding site performance.

Firstly, cookies can tell us what sections of our website users spend the most time on. That helps us understand what content they prefer and what elements of our site might need more work to make them more useful.

Moreover, cookies can indicate potential technical problems and errors that require our attention.

In addition, cookies can help us understand the backgrounds and interests of our users so that we can offer them a more customised experience and show them more relevant content upon future visits.

Lastly, cookies assist the smooth operations of our website by making it possible to let our users save their login information, auto-fill the boxes in the forms on our site, and so forth.

What Cookies Do We Use?

Immediate Experience uses three main categories of cookies on our website.

Essential Cookies

These permanent cookies are the most important ones on our site and ensure its proper functioning. Through the use of essential cookies, we can:

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics cookies can further supplement the initial feedback about user engagement that we receive through our essential cookie use. They can give us additional details about our users’ behavioural patterns, which enables us to anticipate and cater to their needs and interests much better. With the information Google Analytics makes available to us, we can ensure each customer has a browsing experience on Immediate Experience that feels custom-made and engaging.

Note that the use of Google Analytics cookies does not preclude Google itself is allowed to use your Personal Data.

Third-party Cookies

Furthermore, you might also see cookies belonging to third-party websites while browsing Immediate Experience. They belong to various companies in the financial and cryptocurrency trading industry with whom we have affiliate partnerships.

Thanks to third-party cookies, you can transition from Immediate Experience to our partners’ websites more seamlessly and continue to enjoy a highly customised browsing experience.

Opting Out of Cookies

Cookies are extremely important to us as they help the Immediate Experience website function the way we planned and also provide valuable insight into the way users engage with our content.

Nevertheless, their use is not mandatory for our customers, and you can opt out of cookies if that is your preference. Still, if you decide to decline the use of cookies, you will not receive the best browsing experience and may be unable to access some of our services.

If you want to opt out of cookies, you can refuse to accept our Cookie Policy in the pop-up window that appears upon your first visit to Immediate Experience. Furthermore, you can also disable cookies from your browser.

Policy Changes

This Cookie Policy is subject to changes and amendments at Immediate Experience’s discretion. We may alter this policy without notifying our users in advance.

Any amendments we make to this Cookie Policy or any other section of the Immediate Experience website become valid as soon as they are made live on the site. It is the client’s responsibility to keep abreast of all changes made. Your continued use of Immediate Experience indicates you agree to all content amendments, even if you are not aware of them.


If you have any further questions not covered in this Cookie Policy, you are welcome to use the form on the Contact Us page to reach out to us.