Privacy Policy

The present Privacy Policy explains the conditions according to which Immediate Experience collects and processes the data of site users. Immediate Experience is guided by a legitimate interest to collect and process user data, inasmuch as this is required for the fulfilment of our services, the operation of this website, and compliance with relevant data protection and processing legislation. We collect only the minimum data necessary to satisfy these conditions and do so in accordance with the GDPR and other relevant laws concerning the privacy of our customers.


About This Privacy Policy

The present document provides an overview of Immediate Experience’s activities in regard to the collection, processing, storage, and safeguarding the data that users inadvertently share with us while browsing our website and using our services. Furthermore, we have also provided definitions of important terminology related to data privacy and an overview of your data protection rights.

We urge our clients to first read the definitions of the terms used in this document before proceeding to the other sections to ensure they attain a better understanding of our Privacy Policy.

Terms Used

Personal Data Collection

In order for Immediate Experience to successfully match prospective traders with premium-quality brokerages, which is the main objective of our website, it is necessary to gather some data about our customers. This Personal Data collection is generally done in three main ways:

When using some features of our websites, customers might willingly offer some of their Personal Data. For instance, during the signup process, we ask for your name and contact details so we may create an account for you. By deciding to proceed with the registration and filling in that information in the corresponding fields, you consent to Immediate Experience collecting and processing the data in question.

In addition, users might offer more of their personal information when contacting Immediate Experience. In our Contact form, we ask for your details so that we know where to send the response to your query. Moreover, your message itself may contain additional information that you voluntarily offer as part of your question or comment. Note that Immediate Experience will only process the Personal Data that is relevant to your query.

Immediate Experience also uses various tools on its website, such as cookies and more, to study the engagement of site visitors with our content and their behaviour on our website. This feedback is valuable for our evaluation of the technical performance of our content. Moreover, data gathered this way is only used to gather insight into our customers’ needs and habits and will not be used to identify you individually.

Processing User Data

The data collection and processing activities of Immediate Experience are limited only to what is strictly necessary for the provision and facilitation of our marketing services and the technical support and improvements of our website. We adhere to the GDPR and other applicable data protection laws to ensure the methods we use for data collection and processing do not breach the client’s right to privacy.

There are four lawful justifications for our data collection and processing:

Be aware that Immediate Experience’s role is merely as a Data Collector. We do not process data or store it on our company’s servers. When a user registers an account with Immediate Experience, they give us their informed consent to share their data with third parties capable of offering financial services to them (brokers). The broker that our platform automatically assigns to each user is the Data Processor of that customer’s Personal Data. Different clients may be directed to different brokers, hence having their data sent to different Data Processors.

For any questions about Personal Data processing, please contact your designated broker, as they are the ones in charge of storing and working with your information.

Uses of Your Personal Data

The data we collect about you when you use our website and interact with Immediate Experience is used only as necessary in the following ways:

Use of Cookies

The cookies we use on Immediate Experience are important tools that assist us in understanding how our website content performs, whether our users run into any technical problems, and what actions we can undertake to make the experience of using our site even better in the future. Moreover, cookies enable certain services, such as remembering your login information for a faster sign-in or providing auto-fill suggestions when using the forms on our site.

You will encounter permanent cookies, Google Analytics cookies, and third-party cookies on our site.

Permanent Cookies

This is the most fundamental type of cookie responsible for certain functionalities on our website. If you disable permanent cookies, you will not experience Immediate Experience as intended and might have trouble using some of our services.

Google Analytics Cookies

These additional cookies provided by Google are an irreplaceable tool for webmasters to identify user behavioural patterns. While the feedback gained through the use of Google Analytics will not be used to track you or identify you, it is crucial to our understanding of how different content performs on our site.

Third-party Cookies

Lastly, users may encounter cookies that belong to our third-party partners. They help us establish a link between Immediate Experience and the other websites we place affiliate links to.

Storage of the Data Collected from Users

Immediate Experience gathers user data only to the extent that the fulfilment of our advertised services requires. Nevertheless, as we are not the Data Processor, none of the data collected is kept on our servers.

By choosing to register a Immediate Experience account, you provide your explicit, freely-given consent to us sending your Personal Data to a third-party brokerage randomly assigned to you, which then serves as the primary Data Processor for the user.

All operations with your Personal Data are performed by said brokerage in accordance with the GDPR or similar data protection legislation applicable to the region where your assigned broker is active.

Nevertheless, we urge all Immediate Experience customers to examine carefully the Privacy Policy of their broker to learn in more detail how their Personal Data will be stored and processed.

Personal Data Protection

The Immediate Experience staff recognise the importance of ensuring maximum protection for the Personal Data users entrust to our partners and us. Therefore, our website is equipped with tight security measures to provide a safe browsing environment and prevent your data from being exposed to any unauthorised third parties. If any third party requests access to data Immediate Experience has collected from you, you will be duly notified, and sharing your information will only occur with your informed consent.

Within Immediate Experience itself, the company has streamlined its work process in a way that your data is exposed to only the minimum number of employees required for the fulfilment of the services you request. Moreover, all Immediate Experience employees are under strict non-disclosure agreements and will not disclose your Personal Data to any unauthorised parties.

In some rare cases, a third party, such as a government agency or authority, may request access to a user’s data out of legitimate interest, for instance, as part of an investigation into the customer’s activities. Depending on the jurisdiction in the corresponding country, this request may or may not outweigh your data protection rights.

Immediate Experience is responsible for carefully investigating any such requests to determine their validity and their relationship to the user’s rights to privacy. If it is legally possible, we may refuse to share your data with such third parties. However, in cases where Immediate Experience is obligated to respect such requests, we may share your data inasmuch as the law requires it. You will be duly informed of any such requests, as well as our decision as to whether to share your data or not. If the provision of your data requires your consent, we will ask for it before taking any further steps.

Additional Data Processors

Any third parties that may have access to our users’ Personal Data do so only after our clients have accepted this Privacy Policy and have given their consent.

Note that the nature of Immediate Experience’s services requires that we work with multiple Data Processors. The primary Data Processor for each user is the broker assigned to them at registration, but other parties may also have access to the customer’s data. For instance, the hosting company responsible for keeping our website live and accessible is legally entitled to access our users’ data on technical grounds and serves as an additional Data Processor.

All potential sharing of data we have collected from our customers is performed in adherence to the GDPR and other relevant data protection laws.

Your Data Protection Rights

Privacy legislation such as the GDPR affords several crucial rights to all customers:

Moreover, our customers can also:

There may be additional rights and provisions that apply to you depending on your local jurisdiction.

Changes to This Policy

Immediate Experience is within its full rights to make changes to this Privacy Policy, as well as any other content on our website. All amendments we make become valid as soon as they are published on our website.

Furthermore, we may make these changes without notifying our customers. It is your responsibility to stay informed about the latest versions of all of our policies. Your continued use of Immediate Experience constitutes formal consent to this Privacy Policy and all changes made to it.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please use the Contact Us page to reach us. We shall process your query at our earliest convenience.