Terms and Conditions

The page contains the full Terms and Conditions guiding the use of the Immediate Experience website and its subsites, which apply in their entirety to all site visitors without exceptions.


Acceptance of the Terms

Usage of Immediate Experience is dependent on your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions. If you continue to browse our website, we shall consider that as informed consent to all parts of this Agreement. In case you disagree with any of these Terms, you are advised to cease browsing Immediate Experience. Remaining on our site and applying to use our services will constitute explicit consent to these Terms and Conditions.


All first-person pronouns you may encounter in this document refer to Immediate Experience, while second-person pronouns denote the user.

Age Requirements

Using Immediate Experience’s services requires your consent. For this reason, Immediate Experience cannot accept customers below the legal age limit (18 or 21) in their country of residence, as underage persons cannot legally consent to binding agreements and contracts. You must be of age to use our website and services.

Last updated: December 21, 2022.

Risk Disclaimer

Aims of Immediate Experience

Please note that although Immediate Experience can put you in touch with financial and cryptocurrency brokers, we are not one ourselves. We are not licensed to provide any financial services and are not qualified to provide financial and investment advice. Furthermore, Immediate Experience does not develop trading platforms or software for automated trading. The only goal of our company is to introduce prospective traders to popular brokers from all around the world, for which we receive compensation from our affiliate partners.

The content on Immediate Experience aims to inform you about the existence of such financial and cryptocurrency brokers and the potential opportunities that the markets may offer. Nevertheless, the information shared by Immediate Experience is not investment advice in any shape or form and does not aim to convince users that they should undertake any financial or commercial activities. Our website merely strives to help customers who have independently made the decision to begin trading by directing them to suitable brokerages that can provide them with the necessary tools to engage with the markets. It is the client’s choice to decide whether and to what extent to pursue any such opportunities.

Broker Partnerships

All broker companies that Immediate Experience recommends to customers are our official partners. We have contractual relationships with these brokers that follow the principles of affiliate marketing. This means that Immediate Experience receives commission fees for successfully referring customers to our partner brokers. Because we work with multiple brokers active all over the world, the pairing of clients and brokers is randomised to ensure maximum fairness.

Website Content

On our website, we have published some surface-level content regarding the cryptocurrency market and the basics of crypto trading, which aims to educate site visitors about these concepts without providing an in-depth analysis of digital assets or any formal investment advice. Be aware that our content is insufficient as grounds for making financial decisions, and you should not rely on it in this way. Instead, do careful research on the market in real-time, as it is highly volatile, and consult a licensed financial advisor before investing any funds.

Despite our sincere attempts to offer a solid introduction to the realm of cryptocurrency trading, Immediate Experience cannot guarantee that our website content is completely accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive, or factually relevant at your time of browsing. The nature of the market is quick-paced and changeable, so our website may not always reflect the most recent market developments. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform themselves about the latest news and other events in the world of finance and do proper research before making investment decisions.

Immediate Experience bears no responsibility for the user’s financial endeavours and decisions. Proceed at your own risk.

Description of Services

Immediate Experience advertises the potential opportunities that may exist in the financial and cryptocurrency markets without committing to offering any investment advice, broker reviews, and so forth. We merely alert our customers to the existence of brokers that provide a wide range of financial services, whose pursuit is up to the user’s own discretion.

When clients consent to these Terms and choose to create a Immediate Experience account, they will be randomly paired with an affiliate broker from within our network of partners, who can grant them access to the financial markets.

Each customer reserves the right to choose for themselves whether to pursue any of these opportunities with the brokerage we assign them to or not.

Furthermore, users are responsible for conducting their own in-depth market research and gathering information before committing any funds to an investment or other commercial activity involving cryptocurrencies or other financial assets. You fully exempt Immediate Experience from any possible liability regarding the trading and investment decisions you might make and the outcomes thereof.

Remember that the financial and cryptocurrency markets are highly risky and may cost you your entire invested capital. Do not speculate with more funds than you feel comfortable losing. Ensure you have a steady source of income besides trading.

Local Regulations

The ability to access the Immediate Experience website does not mean that our services are suitable for you. The marketing of cryptocurrency-based derivatives such as CFDs is limited in some countries and territories. For instance, in the United Kingdom, it is restricted by the FCA’s PS 20/10. There are equivalent laws in the United States, Canada, and other countries. It is the customer’s responsibility to learn what the regulations are in their country of residence and determine whether you can use the services of Immediate Experience and the brokers we might recommend to you.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Throughout the Immediate Experience website, we may sometimes include affiliate links to third-party websites and services that we may deem relevant to our clients. When clients follow such affiliate links and make any purchases on these third-party sites, Immediate Experience will receive a commission from the site owner without adding any extra charges for you.

Immediate Experience is in no way liable for any potential gains or losses you may incur after you have followed an affiliate link of ours. All trading or financial decisions are your own, and you absolve us of all responsibility in that regard.

Note that there is no correlation between your financial performance and Immediate Experience’s affiliate compensation.

Use of the Immediate Experience Website

Disruption of Services

Despite our commitment to providing a top-tier browsing experience to our customers, we make no assurances as to whether you will always be able to experience Immediate Experience without any glitches, bugs, or other technical issues.

Occasional problems and disruptions of services may arise due to both scheduled and emergency circumstances.

You may find your access to our website and services limited when our developers conduct planned maintenance to update Immediate Experience’s website content or implement upgrades to our site. In addition, maintenance may also be necessary when we detect an unforeseen issue that needs to be urgently resolved to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers.

While these temporary disruptions of services may be inconvenient for our clients, they are ultimately necessary to ensure the smooth running of Immediate Experience in the future. We remain committed to working on the resolution of technical issues as quickly as possible.

In relation to planned technical work on our website, our team will do its best to notify clients in advance so they can plan accordingly. However, understand that this may not always be possible. Thus, Immediate Experience reserves the right to limit access to our website without prior notice.

Hyperlinks to Other Websites

We use links to third-party websites on Immediate Experience to provide additional information or link you to resources we think you might find helpful. Nevertheless, Immediate Experience cannot guarantee that the content on such third-party web pages is factual, up-to-date, or relevant at your time of browsing, as we do not always manage to verify the information on such sites and are not involved in the maintenance of their content. It is the client’s sole responsibility to do proper research to confirm any information they find on third-party resources.

In addition, you agree to exempt Immediate Experience from any liability regarding potential losses or damages that may or may not be related to your use of our website content, the information on third-party sites, or the overall use of affiliate links on Immediate Experience.

Intellectual Property

Any text, images, video, code, or other content features on our site are property of Immediate Experience, except in the cases where due credit is given to a different owner. Our users are not permitted to copy, share, alter, or otherwise attempt to modify or spread our intellectual property on other websites, regardless of whether they receive compensation for it or not.

If you would like to use any of our safeguarded content, you must get in touch with Immediate Experience in advance. We shall carefully consider your request but reserve the right to refuse to collaborate with you.

Customers can print out the content they find on Immediate Experience for private usage.

Exemption of Liability

You agree to exempt Immediate Experience from all responsibility and liability that may stem from issues such as:

Content Changes

Immediate Experience is well within its rights to make alterations to the entirety of this website, its subpages, and all website content, including this Terms and Conditions Agreement, with or without prior notification to the customer.

It is entirely up to Immediate Experience to decide what amendments are necessary. All changes become valid as soon as they are published on the Immediate Experience website. We urge our customers to regularly check our policies to ensure they are familiar with the latest versions of each document. Your continued use of this site will be interpreted as valid, freely-given consent to the changes.

Cookie Use

Note that Immediate Experience uses cookies to identify your device. Thanks to cookies, we are able to see how our website content is performing, make certain optimisations and services available to our clients, and study potential areas for improvement so we may provide an even superior browsing experience upon your next return to our site.

The cookies on Immediate Experience can be divided into three categories:

These cookies are crucial for our website to function as intended. Without them, certain features of Immediate Experience might become completely inaccessible.

We use these additional cookies primarily to study the technical performance of our site and learn about our users’ browsing habits in order to provide a more highly-customised and enjoyable browsing experience.

We also permit our third-party partners to place their own cookies on Immediate Experience to ensure a smoother transition between our site and theirs.

Cookies are of the utmost importance when it comes to evaluating the performance of our website, which is why we recommend you agree to their use. Nevertheless, you have the right to opt out, if you so choose. You can decline cookies in the respective pop-up window when you first access Immediate Experience or disable them altogether from your browser settings. Note that opting out of cookies may negatively affect your Immediate Experience experience.

Legal Compliance

Aside from following the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document, you also agree to follow the laws in your country of residence. Furthermore, our users must maintain a tone that is respectful to us and our clients in their communication with Immediate Experience and refrain from derogatory or hostile speech. You must also not upload or link to any content that may damage the property of Immediate Experience or our users.

If any customer fails to comply with these Terms, we have the right to limit or terminate their access to Immediate Experience. Furthermore, if a user of ours is suspected of having perpetrated a crime, we reserve the right to report it to the authorities.


Immediate Experience customers are welcome to contact us with any comments, questions, or feedback about these Terms or our services in general. You can do this from the Contact Us page.